About Erin

Erin was a highly imaginative child who spent her days itching to get outside to play pretend. When she wasn’t outside, she was frustrating her teachers by making her pencils talk to one another an effort to avoid schoolwork. At age twelve her parents cut the cable and, after much crying and whining from her, took her to the library where she soon discovered books were a lot more interesting than cartoons. Shortly after that she decided writing was in her future and penned a handful of awful short stories and poems. By high school she had read Jane Austen’s major works and fell in love with the Regency era.

For many years she pushed aside her desire to write. After the birth of her oldest, she quit her job to stay at home and dove back into writing. Thankfully, she married a man who also loves to write. About half their dates are siting in coffee shops, crafting stories, instead of catching a movie. When she is not writing, she mothers two little girls and the family dog. She also enjoys her life in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.


email: eelopez [at] mac [dot] com